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Shared Ownership Critical Illness

Shared ownership critical illness insurance


Is a strategy where a corporation and key employee/shareholder to purchase a critical illness insurance policy.

The shared ownership critical illness arrangement is a formal legal agreement between the parties that addresses:

  • Allocation of premium costs
  • Ownership interest
  • Share of rights and benefits

Who can benefit from Shared Ownership Critical Illness insurance?

This strategy can be potentially suitable for corporations and key employees/shareholders who:

  • Require critical illness protection
  • Looking to share the cost of benefits of a critical illness policy:
    • Base critical illness coverage
    • Return of premium rider

One of the key advantages of Shared Ownership Critical Illness insurance is the fact that, despite the fact that there is no cash value associated with the policy, in many cases a return of premium (ROP) can be given either upon the death of the insured individual or upon policy surrender or termination, provided that no claims have been made. This makes this type of arrangement particularly attractive for many businesses.

How does Shared Ownership Critical Illness Insurance work?

There are some key clauses in this type of insurance policy that determine how it operates. Namely, it states that the corporation owns and funds the critical illness coverage, as well as being the beneficiary of it, and that the shareholder will own and fund the Return of Premium option until the policy is terminated.

It’s worth noting that many more employees of working age that you might think suffer a critical illness which severely impact their ability to work and this can have a significant effect on the business that they work for. This financial strategy is an effective way to safeguard organizations against this very real financial risk.

Don’t hesitate to contact our professional advisors if you feel that Shared Ownership Critical Illness insurance is an arrangement that could benefit you or your organization and we will work with you to source the best possible solution for your individual needs.

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